A Photographers Community Worth Joining

Photography forums are all over the internet, and they come and go. They can be great places to compare notes, gather critique of one’s images or an entire body of work, and learn new skills. Photography can be a lonely profession or a lonely hobby, so most photographers could probably benefit from joining a good community. The trouble is, most of them suffer from bitchyness, rudeness or megalomaniacal moderators. I tend to avoid these. However there are a couple I’ve found that are worth joining.

One is my local forum on Flickr. The other is GoSnap, founded and run by Simon Smith. It’s populated by beginners, intermediates, experts, amateurs, professionals… and so far it’s a supportive and positive place where people can really thrive at any level. It’s not just a forum, and perhaps that’s why it works so well. You can get ideas for stuff to photograph, take up challenges in the Projects area, or learn new skills in the Academy.

It’s free to join, and could just give you back as much as you’re prepared to put in… which is, after all, what communities are all about.

Sign up for free at www.GoSnap.co.uk.

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