Commercial Photographer

As a commercial photographer, I undertake commercial photography assignments under several broad categories:

Corporate & Business Portrait Photography

A highly specialised and psychological area of portrait photography.

Public Relations Photography

Corporate prospectus, annual reports, marketing campaigns, awards ceremonies, exhibitions.

Press Photography

News events, press photocalls, press conferences, current affairs background photos

Fresh Food Photography

I specialise in capturing visually exciting images of freshly cooked food, in a kitchen or dining environment, for cookbooks, restaurant & pub web sites, food manufacturers & wholesalers

Corporate Video Production

High definition, visually engaging video production for promotional or public relations purposes, including shooting footage, colour grading, video editing & compositing.

Aerial Photography & Videography

Bringing a different angle to corporate photography & video.


For all commercial photography, videography & editing services I charge a flat rate of £125 per hour or a discounted rate of £750 per day.


For the purposes of copyright & licensing I treat images and video as software. As creator I normally retain copyrights, but grant an exclusive, non-transferrable license to use all images/video in any territory, in any format, in any size, for any usage, in any market, for an unlimited term. My images may not be used to support activities which are illegal in any territory or jurisdiction. Alternatively I can provide a deed of assignment of copyrights to another party, for which there is an additional fee of £100 per image or minute of video.

Non-transferrable means that the license cannot be given or sold to another party, or treated as a transferrable asset of an individual or business. If you sell your business, you can’t sell the license to use my images. However, the materials may be relicensed for a fee of £100 per image or minute of video.