Business Portrait Photography

Business portrait photography is important. You can’t just snap any old image on your web cam or smart phone & call it business portrait photography. It’s more psychological than that. You’re the figurehead of your business or department. You’re there for a reason. You need your business portrait photos to show the attributes that make you a great leader, manager, consultant, advisor or whatever you are. Getting all that into a moment lasting a fraction of a second is hard. That’s why you need a business portrait photographer who understands the psychology of business portraits. Someone who can pose you in subtly more powerful ways. Or angle the light to make the most of your face or profile. Above all, a business portrait photographer needs to know how to manipulate the viewer of a business portrait… to play with their subconscious mind, to make them see what they’re meant to see. Attributes like trustworthiness, dependability, warmth, understanding, friendliness, professionalism, honesty… these are essential to good business portrait photography, and can’t be captured in a mere selfie… or indeed by a colleague with a camera.

Business Portrait Photography by Jon Silver

As an experienced business portrait photographer, and with over 30 years of business experience, I understand all these needs. I understand how to bring out the essential character of a business person, to mask physical imperfection behind more desirable attributes. I know how to pose someone for a business portrait to instil in the viewer all the feelings of liking the person they’re looking at, and instinctively trusting that person. The proof of the pudding lies in the number of contacts I have on LinkedIn who are using my business portrait photography for their profile photos. Don’t leave your image to chance. Use professional business portrait photography to convey your message, your way.