Food Photographer

Food photographers sweat for hours under hot studio lights as they create the perfect food image. Unfortunately so does the food. They often have specialist food makeup artists to paint food with dyes & glycerine to keep it looking fresh and bright looking. But not this food photographer.

Food photography doesn’t have to be done in a studio. If you’re a real foodie, don’t you get an instant rush of excitement when you see really good food presented to you freshly prepared and looking its best, the delicious aromas and bright colours adding an anticipation of the flavours & textures to come? So use a photographer who’s a foodie too, who’ll use all that emotion to produce the very best food photos without all the faff.

My way of doing food photography is ideally suited to any restaurant, hotel, pub or catering company wanting to represent their great food as it should be – live, natural, and not interfered with in any way. Freed from the studio, suddenly location backdrops become a possibility – food in its natural surroundings, such as your exquisitely decorated premises, or even outdoors. I learned to be a food photographer as a Sussex wedding photographer and have since applied my craft to food from all sorts of catering.

Give me a try – it’s likely to cost a lot a lot less than the studio way.