Commercial Photography at LaFarge Tarmac Concrete Plant, Shoreham Harbour

Commercial/public relations/press photography Lloyd Weedon of LaFarge Tarmac ShorehamAs a commercial photographer, I get asked to take photos of some very interesting things in some very interesting places. Commercial photography is like that, a very mixed bag. Some jobs are more interesting than others. This one was a press photography job which brought me to somewhere I've seen from afar for most of my life, but never up close. However that was about to change. LaFarge Tarmac's internal staff magazine was looking for some photos for a feature on a site supervisor at its site at Shoreham Harbour. The site supplies aggregates & ready mix concrete, and has a complex of huge conveyors. I've seen them before, and indeed photographed them before as a sculptural piece of industrial architecture in an industrial landscape shot. This was somewhat different: the noise, mud & dripping water along with the constant movement make the machines come alive at close quarters. They were to be as much the star of the show as the site supervisor Lloyd, who tried to look as natural as possible whilst being photographed doing various safety inspections and maintenance tasks. The photo I've featured here was of Lloyd standing next to a moving conveyor, taken whilst I was standing on a slim gantry suspended high above the site. And to think I was once scared of heights... though luckily travel photography helped me get over it years ago. If you have a requirement for commercial photography of any kind, be it corporate portraiture, press, food or public relations photography, please give me a call.  
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