Fresh food photography for Pizza Pronto, Lewes

When young pizza delivery entrepreneur Maddy of Pizza Pronto wanted a food photographer to capture the freshness and hand-made quality of her pizzas, she looked for food photography she liked. When she saw what I’d done nearby for The Cock Inn, Ringmer, she called me. I believe that food photography should be done with respect and love for the food, reflecting the passion put into its creation. The food should be photographed whilst it’s fresh and ready to eat, not painted and made up in a studio so it’s actually inedible. Food photography should be done in the kitchen, or at the table where a hungry diner is just about to eat it. So I went along one evening and watched Maddy’s chef preparing fresh pizzas before me in Maddy’s kitchen. This was perfect food photography source material. The pizza bases were hand-stretched and spun from balls of dough which were freshly hand-made made, not frozen. The toppings were all of the highest quality, and applied in perfect proportion. The tomato sauce was home made. The herbs were fresh and green. The slivers of parmesan were shaved from a block of parmiggiano reggiano. The meats were of a quality worth eating as anti-pasti, not just as pizza toppings. The dough-balls were light and crisp and fluffy. Some were served smothered in garlic butter made with fresh garlic… others were filled with real melted chocolate.

Mouth-watering Food Photography

But enough of all this wordy food appreciation! Back to the food photography… As all this food spectacle unfolded in front of my camera, I watched, stomach rumbling, snapping away shot after shot. The results speak for themselves – a perfect photographic record of excellent food being expertly prepared. Pizza Pronto ended up with a broad range of food photography images for both immediate and stock usage. And yes, I did get to eat quite a lot of very delicious pizza too.

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