Not Just Studio Portraits

People often assume that portraits have to be done in the studio, but a versatile photographer should be able to take good portrait photos anywhere, using either portable studio lighting or the beautiful natural light. Sometimes the atmosphere provided by a location helps you to relax and get into your… mojo. Perhaps an outdoor location like your favourite beach, or a park – even the playground. Your own home could provide a “Hello Magazine” look and feel, or maybe the sumptuous interiors provided in a hotel, bar or restaurant might be just the the thing your photos need for that original look. Prices from around £99.

Here are some on-location portraits from the gallery… come and book your own shoot soon, and don’t hold back on the location possibilities!

DuoPoseDanceJadeToddler PortraitCouple PortraitOutdoor PortraitRebeccaRebeccaSussex Wedding Photographer at a Christmas Wedding in BrightonSussex Wedding Photographer at a Christmas Wedding in Brighton

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  1. Magician London August 8, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    Great photos – i agree with you totally – i can’t stand the posed shots with the white background – real photos outside are so much better.


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