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If you want to brush up your knowledge or skills, I may be able to help. People always reckoned I'd make a good teacher all the time I was growing up, so I started to teach people things quite early on. Nothing I ever do is complete without me doing a lot of thinking about why I do what I do, and what it all means to people. As a result, the underlying philosophy and psychology is always a big part of what I teach, along with my passion for the subject, as well as the technical skills. Photography is no exception. I've been teaching photography to people from the Brighton area for a few years now. They come along with whatever level of knowledge, explain to me where they feel they fall short of their idea, and I'll help them get to where they want to be. It might be a professional photographer who's great at architectural and landscape photography, but who wants to move into studio portraiture or fashion and has no idea about studio flash lighting. Or it might be a complete amateur who got a digital SLR camera for Christmas and wants to learn all about this aperture and depth of field thing in order to take better wildlife photos. One of the most interesting aspects of photography is composition. It's the artistic side of photography. It's important because the composition we use at the moment we take a photo dictates the shape and form of the image for ever. But is it important in commercial photography..? Or wedding photography..? Since we make photographs first in our heads by evaluating a scene, before we ever press the shutter release button, how we see the world is of the utmost importance. You may think you know how to spot something beautiful and take a photograph of it... but what if you've been asked to photograph something of whose aesthetic qualities you're distinctly unsure? In the commercial world, can you afford to refuse a commission? Should you not be able to see beauty wherever you look? It's even worse if you're a wedding photographer and the bride of the day happens to fall outside your particular criteria of beauty! Fortunately I can help to improve your composition. It's not a magic formula, of course. I can't just wave a magic wand and make you better at composition. The improvement comes from within you, but it's magic to see the results, and they come quite quickly. So... whatever bit of photography you want to learn, perhaps a few hours spent with me can help. I teach in the studio, at home, or out and about in the great outdoors. So wherever you live in Sussex (or indeed Kent, Surrey or Hampshire), look me up and give me a call.

All the details here: Photographic tuition and Photography Courses in Brighton & Sussex

Jon Silver is an art, portrait & wedding photographer based in Brighton, Sussex
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  1. Jon Silver June 23, 2015 at 5:12 pm #

    I could have, Kate, but at the moment I’m taking a long sabbatical from all things photography after working continuously for the past 13 years.

  2. Kate watkins May 6, 2015 at 1:29 pm #

    Hi I am looking to move into doing wedding photography at present I am doing studio work. I struggle with getting lighting right in low light settings / variable light . Is this something you can help with ??
    Many thanks

  3. Stephanie August 8, 2014 at 3:46 pm #

    Hi Jon,

    I am a professional home baker and soon to begin Le Grand Diplome at Le Cordon Bleu after which my plans are to venture into the catering industry, ultimately publishing my own recipe books.
    I am a complete photography novice but am eager to learn more about Food Photography with the hopes of eventually being able to photograph my produce myself in a professional capacity.
    If this is something you think you would be able to help me with, I’d very much like to hear back from you – perhaps with prices and a few more details.



  4. Philippa Lincoln January 25, 2009 at 6:55 pm #


    My name is Philippa Lincoln, i am interested in photography!
    I have been taking photos of animals and landscapes and people have remarked how excellent they are. I am looking for work experience in photography this July!
    I dont know if you take students for work experience? If you dont, do you know anyone in the photography field that does?

    Thank you

    Philippa Lincoln

  5. Emma Reid April 10, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    Hya My Name Is Emma And Am Yr 10 Living In Surrey And Would Like To Study Photography At College When I leave School. So Was Looking For Something To Do In My Spare Time To Develop Skills And Learn About Photography. I Really Would Like To Study This In My Future And So Need All The Help I Can Get With It.
    Please Email Me ASAP
    Best Wishes Emma

  6. Anjanita Eldridge January 23, 2008 at 1:16 pm #

    Spending 2 days with Jon Silver at his studio in Brighton was the most productive 2 days photographic tuition I have had.

    I learned more in 2 days with Jon than any amount of reading, web browsing or practice had got me in years. He removes the mystique surrounding the photography business and breaks it down into plain common sense. I came away enthusiastic, motivated and chomping at the bit to get on with my next project.

    It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a fortune to spend on state of the art equipment, Jon will show you how to make the most of everyday objects to enhance your photographic skills with stunning results. At the end of my session, instead of having one or two images that were OK, I had so many it was difficult to choose only one for my project.

    Jon will not only help to get your head around the technical aspects, he will also look at the psychology involved in getting your subject to relax and look their best and actually enjoy the process of having their photo taken, which for a corporate photographer is a god-send.

    Anjanita Eldridge
    Corporate Photographer & European Marketing Manager
    TR Fastenings

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