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Tutorial: GoPro Video with a Lightroom Photographic Workflow

Like many others, I wanted to find the very best workflow for working with video footage from my GoPro Hero 3 Black. I’ve seen most people try shooting in Protune with RAW white balance and then try some sort of transcoding prior to colour grading and editing. Typical workflows involve transcoding with GoPro Studio (formerly […]

Business portrait photographs with a smile

Business Portrait Photographs Of Pete Jenkins

As a business portrait photographer my reputation apparently precedes me. My old friend (and customer, and supplier) Peter Jenkins of e-Advantage Solutions is a well known face around the business communities of Brighton, Hove, Shoreham and the surrounding areas. As well as running gamification consultancy e-Advantage Solutions, he’s also been a leading light in the […]

Rescuing Brides from Bad Wedding Photography

In Brighton, and probably beyond, everyone’s a photographer. Cheap digital SLR cameras have encouraged a whole new generation of people to pick up a camera and try to make some extra money, moonlighting from their weekday jobs, photographing someone’s wedding. Brides like these amateurs because they seem very cheap, which is all very fine and […]

Please Support ileavemymark

I’ve been involved with many charities over the years but when Debbie Brown of Brighton’s I Leave My Mark came to tell me about her project, her mission had a special resonance for me. Aiming to help bereaved & traumatised children, ILMM is especially poignant for anyone with children, and anyone in the middle of […]

Alan Riddick, Toastmaster

Alan Riddick R.I.P. It was with the greatest of sadness that I heard only today the news of toastmaster Alan Riddick’s untimely death a few months ago. I had the enormous pleasure of working with Alan at weddings where I was the wedding photographer and he the toastmaster, the last of which was Vicki and […]